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Rip it open and clean it


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Rip it open and clean it

This guide was originally posted by Sergeant Evil

Let me know if I missed anything or something need to be re-worded.

Remove your grip panels and the 4 screws holding on the shell

I also removed my trigger guard, as my HP macro line elbow hits it, and its easer to remove the guard, than the elbow.

Remove the grip from the body,

The Bolt

Pull the pin on top of your bolt. This will disconnect the bolt from your Ram and you can now slide it out the rear of your gun. Wipe off all the old grease and dirt that is on the bolt. get the bolt nice and clean. Inspect your o-rings for nicks and scratches. If there is damage to any of your o-rings, replace them promptly. Take a squeegee and run it through the body of the marker. This should wipe up some of the old grease that now has dirt in it (and will wear down your markers internals). Do not reinsert the bolt yet, there is still another step before it is ready

The Ram

Using only your hands, remove the cap at the rear of your markers body. Once turning the cap no longer causes it to back out your gun, just grab it and pull it out. Now tilt your gun so that the back (where you just removed the cap) is facing downwards, your ram will pop right out. If it does not, push it out from the top of the marker (the slot where the bolt pin goes through) with something, a pencil will work. Wipe down the ram with the rag and inspect the o-rings. These o-rings are integral to the markers function and it is very important that these o-rings are in good shape. If you see any nicks or cuts remove the o-ring and replace. These o-rings will wear down periodically, so make sure you check them well. Relube the ram , being sure to apply a good coat over the o-rings especially. Reinsert the hammer (the thin end goes in first) being careful to observe that it goes in properly. You have to get the thin end to go into a smaller diameter tube in the front of the rams housing, so if the hammer does not slide all the way into the gun, it is not in this tube properly. Get the cap that seals off the ram housing tube, and be sure to apply a generous amount of grease to the o-ring in front of the threads. This will help the marker seal properly and your cap will not come loose as easily. Turn the cap clockwise tightening as tight as possible but only using your hands, do not use a wrench.

Bolt reinsertion

This takes some practice but after time it will be like second nature. Reinsert the bolt into the gun making sure to align the pin with the slot in the hammer. It is tough to see, but you should be able to feel when you've done it properly. If you'd like to be sure, there is an easy way to check. Look down your feed tube from above and move the bolt all the way back, it should come far enough abck so that you can just barely see the end of the bolt. Your bolt all the way forwards, the forward o-ring should just pass out of view before the bolt stops moving. If your bolt cannot complete this range of motion, the hammer/bolt pin are not lined up properly. Pushing down on the hammer and wiggling should help a little

Regulator Maintenance

The LP and HP regs are both the same for the purpose of maintenance though, so the method described will work with either. First of all, grab the reg housing with your hand and turn counter-clockwise. If the reg cannot be removed by hand, take your allen key and back out (turn counter-clockwise) the pressure adjustment screw located on the front of your reg in a manner that is similar as you would do if you were turning the pressure on your reg down. This will reduce spring tension inside the reg and you should be able to remove the regulator by hand.

Once you separated the reg, you will need to remove Spring base (washer), Spring, Piston (you may need to use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull it out)

The Pin valve:

Use a 3/8 socket wrench to unscrew the pin valve base (brass) It is under a small bit of pressure, so be careful it does not fly off., then pull out the pin valve and spring. Take a look at the pin itself to make sure there are no chips or bends in the pin, or your marker will malfunction. Now look at the o-rings on the base of the pin. There should be 1 white o-ring it must be in very good condition for your marker to function. This area shouldn’t get too dirty, but a little wipe down will not hurt anything. If the o-rings are damaged, replace immediately. Apply a thin coat of lube to the pin itself as well as the o-rings and reinsert into the marker then reattach the retention nut. Do not over tighten. Now reattach the regulator that was removed earlier.

Take your rag and clean out the inside walls of the regulator. Wipe down the spring and piston as well. Check the o-ring on the piston, if there are scratches, you know what to do. Relube the piston AND spring (the spring moves against the walls of the reg when it compresses, and this will also spread more lube inside the reg) well. Now, reinsert the parts of the reg. The order should be, washer first, then spring (doesn’t matter which direction it faces) and then the piston. The piston must be inserted facing the correct direction though. The end that has a wider little "nubb" on the face should be facing towards the back of your reg, or towards your gun. Push the parts in by hand. Reainsert the adjustment screw in the front of the reg by turning it clockwise.

The poppet....

To grease the poppet assembly, first you must remove the Reg assembly from the marker. If you don’t know how to do this, there is a screw holding it to the body that you can get at once you remove the grip frame. (Unlike the 2k2 timmys, the barb is off set from the set screw, so there is no need to remove the barb) Remove this screw and the reg assembly will slide right out.

A spring will come out, hold onto this and make sure to note which way it was facing (the narower end faces the poppet, the wider end faces the reg assembly). You may need to disconnect the hose from the reg assembly if it's too short and you cant take the assembly off without stretching the hose. Now, grab the bolt, pull it all the way back and then slam it forward. The poppet should come right out. If it doesn’t, push the poppet in (towards the marker) with your finger and try again. Grease the poppet and then reassemble. You only realistically have to do this once in a while. The poppet doesn’t need a whole lot of maintenance, maybe every 5 cases.

Grease all o-rings, and reassemble your marker. Air it up to test for any leaks.

Foot note, some of this was written by ElTwitcho, I did some word changing to fit my Alias type marker, and of course add the pic's

Alias Schematic

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