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5th Gen Timmy Maintenance Guide


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5th Gen Timmy Maintenance Guide

This guide was created by, and provided courtesy of, Murder-Hearts, PBN
1. Locate the solenoid connector on the wiring harness and unplug it from the rest of the harness.
2. Using a Phillips electronics screwdriver to remove the two noid/LP feed mounting screws and set aside.
3. Remove the noid and set aside, also set aside the harness clip at this time.

(The noid wiring connector, two noid/LP feed mounting screws, and harness clip can be see here.)

3. With the noid removed clean and re-grease the LP feed gasket, the small o-ring on body under the noid and the o-ring on the hose housing that also sits under the noid.

(Both the o-ring on the body and the o-ring on hose housing can be seen here.)

4. Now remove the retaining screw from the dual hose block and clean the bottom of the hose block and clean and re-grease both o-rings on the body.

5. Reinstall the dual hose block.
6. Place the wiring harness clip back into its respective recess and place the solenoid ontop of it locking it in place.
7. Align the solenoid (this can be done by pushing it all the back up against the rear lip on the underside of the body then placing the LP feed housing ontop of the noid. Place one phillips screw through the LP feed housing and begin threading it into the body. Now its easier to rotate the LP feed housing around to proper alignment on the other side of the noid. Thread this screw down into the body ensuring the noid stays aligned and the wiring harnless clip remins in its recess.
8. Tighten both retention screws down at this time and reconnect the solenoid to the wiring harness and feed the harness between the harness clip and body. Pull the harness up so that it sits ontop on the noid. This allows for easier frame reinstallation later on.

LPR Reinstallation
1. Generously grease the three external o-rings on the LPR body.
2. Locate the alignement hole on the body of the LPR and ensure it is facing down for installation.
3. With the poppit and valve spring already installed push the LPR into the front lower tube of the body making sure the LPR alignment hole is facing straight down. Push the LPR in until the alignment hole on the LPR is matched up with the hole in the body.
4. At this time grease the valve chamber gasket.

(This image shows the poppit, valve spring, and LPR installed. It also shows the valve chamber gasket greased. Note the forward frame mounting hole at the front of the body. This and the alignment hole on the LPR need to be matched up for the frame to be mounted.)

Frame Reinstallation
1. With the frame cleaned (especially the valve chamber gasket sealing surface) place the smaller, rear frame screw in its slot at the back of the frame.

2. Now carefully feed the wiring harness through the frame and ensure there are no wires at any possible pinch points. At this time also position the LP feed hose as close to the noid as possible. The frame will self align this hose but it may be possible to pinch it as well.

3. Begin threading the rear frame mounting screw into the body while ensuring that none of the wiring harness is becoming pinched at any possible location.
4. With the rear screw fully threaded in install the front frame mounting screw into the reg mount. Make sure that the LPR is aligned with the mounting hole in the body. If the LPR is not aligned the front mounting screw will not fully thread; do not force it. Remove the screw and align the LPR in the body and try again.
5. With both frame screws fully tightened plug the wiring harness back into the board reinstall the battery and put the grips back on.
6. Reinstall Torpedo, macro, and on/off.
7. Lastly, reset both regs and enjoy.

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once again a awsome thread
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Thanks Crank. Always a big help.
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